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Kawanishi Warehouse Co.,Ltd. Kawanishi Warehouse Co.,Ltd.

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Jiro Kawanishi President
Jiro Kawanishi

Kawanishi Warehouse has expanded its normal and cold storage warehouse operations in the major trade ports in Japan as a long established store of logistics since its establishment in 1918. We provide consistent comprehensive total distribution services, connecting consumption to production efficiently from port transport to storage, customs clearance, distribution processing and transportation and delivery.

Our management philosophy of expanding and extension of profits is of the utmost importance. Our focus in doing so stabilizes corporate management base and every effort is taken to strengthen and achieve this goal.

Our basic policy accounts for the following three points:

  1. Stabilize and strengthen our management base as our basic strategy. Especially increase profit is the main axis of the plan.
  2. We offer service with higher quality and high value added services to our customers.
  3. In preparion for our upcoming 100th year anniversary in 2018, we plan to improve profitability of our logistics business and strengthening growth potential

Our basic strategy and aim is for the reinforcement of distribution quality and management base, expansion of distribution center business and global physical distribution service.

We thank you for your continued support.

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Head Office

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