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Trunk Room

Given concerns such as the formation of a recycling society, environmental problems and the enforcement of the Personal Information Protection Act in Japan, measures for storing and disposing documents has become a pressing issue for corporations over the years.

At the Daikoku Sales Office under our Keihin Branch, rather than opening document boxes that have been marked for disposal by our clients, we follow up on those boxes starting from the receipt stage and continuing up through the warehouse entry, storage, warehouse exit and dissolution stages, after which we issue a certificate of dissolution to the client.

Having successfully establishing a single-box management framework for document boxes, we have uncompromised security measures in effect.

Keihin Branch - Daikoku Sales Office Data Box (Document handling)

  • Storage of confidential documents
    [Constant temperature and humidity control capability; dust/bug/magnet-proof]
  • Recycling of confidential documents
    [Follow-up system; issuance of certificate of dissolution]
  • Delivery and receipt
    [Transport coverage area: Yokohama City, Kawasaki City, Tokyo(23 wards)]