Kawanishi Warehouse Co.,Ltd. Kawanishi Warehouse Co.,Ltd.

Kawanishi Warehouse Co.,Ltd. Kawanishi Warehouse Co.,Ltd.

List of Offices

Overseas Network

Our Overseas Department is branching out and offering various logistic services (intermodal transportation, consolidation, warehousing, export documentation, NVOCC, air transportation, custom clearance, inventory control and distribution).

By integrating these logistic services, we can ensure a smooth and accurate cargo and data flow for our global customers.

Our Office Network

  • San Francisco

    Kawanishi Warehouse Co.,Ltd. San Francisco Office

    This San Francisco Office makes full use of its superb knowledge of handling variety of products as well as food products in the highly developed distribution systems in North America since 1996, and undertakes transportation between North America and Asian countries.

    • Logistic coordination
    26557 DANTI COURT, HAYWARD, CA 94545 U.S.A. 1-510-782-6518 1-510-264-8885

Our Agent Network

  1. Malaysia
  2. Cambodia
  3. Myanmar
  4. India
  5. Taiwan
  6. Korea
  7. Canada
  8. Australia
  9. New Zealand
  10. Italy
  11. Germany
  12. Belgium
  13. U.K.